Can I test Bidsbee before I start trading with real money?

How to use your virtual balance

Trading with a virtual balance is a perfect option for those who:

  • Are just starting their way with trading
  • Want to check the terminal functionality
  • Want to brush up their skills or test a new strategy

When trading with virtual balance, you are not risking losing real money. However, your earnings also will be virtual, not real. 

How to start using your virtual balance

To start using your virtual balance, follow these instructions:

  • Login to your Bidsbee account and move to the dashboard.
  • In the upper part of the screen, hit the Virtual Balance tab.
  • A popup warning will appear. After reading it, click on the Continue button.

Now, your virtual balance of 1BTC is available. With it, you can use the majority of Bidsbee functionalities. If you try to access a functionality that is not available for testing with a virtual balance (Futures trading, copy trading, adding a CEX account, etc., a popup warning window will appear with a suggestion to switch to a real balance).

Note, please, that when you are trading with a virtual balance, you do not lose (and do not earn!) real money. With the virtual balance, you can open most orders on the platform except futures orders and copied orders. 

  • To learn about how to create orders, please read this guide.
  • To learn more about order types, please check the information here. 

When you decide to return to trading with your real balance, just click on Real balance. You will start trading with real money.

Restrictions on trading with a virtual balance

When you are trading with your virtual balance, some options are not available, such as:

  • Copy trading
  • Futures trading
  • Adding new exchange accounts or modifying existing ones
  • Using or setting up alerts and signals
  • Password change or 2FA activation
  • Purchasing subscriptions

If you want to use these functions, you need to switch to trading with a real balance.

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