Your ultimate crypto trading terminal

Feeling like a traditional set of CEX tools is limiting your potential? Expand the available functionality and transform your trading experience with Bidsbee! Bidsbee enables you to maximize daily profits by using a comprehensive set of advanced instruments. Stop-loss, multilevel take-profit, trailing options, conditional orders, and trading algorithms compose the functionality set that can bring your activities to the highest level. Sign up in 4 easy steps and start using the crypto terminal for free!

1. Sign up
2. Connect exchange
3. Start trading

Unlock your trading potential with advanced Bidsbee trading tools

Advanced charting and technical analysis tools
Create charts based on data updated in real-time mode and use your favorite technical indicators to benefit from the smallest price fluctuations and capture the most promising opportunities from various exchanges.
One platform. One cryptocurrency terminal
Forget about fragmented data from multiple exchanges! We offer a cross-platform solution that syncs all your accounts to enable you to achieve your goals in the comfort of your home or on the go. Trade from anywhere, any time. The cryptocurrency terminal is available any time, from any location.
Top privacy and security
The platform is non-custodial which means that it doesn’t store your funds nor does it have access to your money or API keys from your connected exchanges and wallets. Your privacy is our main priority. We don’t require you to pass a KYC or provide any personal or other confidential information. All you need to subscribe to our services is a valid email address.
All accounts in one place
Manage your trades from a single user interface rather than shifting between several exchanges. We help you unlock your superpowers with extended functionality bringing your trading to a more professional level with your accounts on Binance, KuCoin, WhiteBit, Kraken, HTX, and other leading crypto exchanges.
Fast and efficient trading experience
Forget about slow terminals, delays in data transmission, and multiple windows. Our trading terminal offers you extensive and easy-to-use functionality created by traders - for traders. All required tracking tools that collect data on major exchanges and update it in real-time mode, charts and instant order execution - all in one hands-on app.

4 steps to use crypto trading terminal

step 1

Register with your valid email

Sign up with your email address, create a strong password, and confirm your email


step 2

Connect your accounts on CEX

Use API keys to connect your exchange accounts to the terminal. You can connect to the service as many accounts as you want.


step 3

Test the functionality for free

Start using the basic services for free with the basic set of features before moving to a subscription plan with advanced functionality


step 4

Pick a paid plan to unlock all earning opportunities

Purchase a Pro plan to access advanced features of the terminal and monetize your followers by opening a Public Trader profile.


Additional product features

Multi-account management
Bidsbee terminal for crypto enables users to manage their accounts on multiple exchanges easily from a single interface. It enables them to gain full control over their assets and multiply their profits. Bidsbee supports all major exchanges such as Binance, KuCoin (coming soon) and others. We offer non-custodial services which means that at no point do we store or manage users’ funds. Users are the only ones who have full control over their accounts and the money stored there.
Benefits of using cryptocurrency trading terminal from Bidsbee
This crypto terminal is created by traders for traders. We have considered all pros and cons of the solutions available in the market and our experience in trading crypto to develop a service that will not only combine the best features and functionalities but will facilitate trading as much as possible. For those who prefer following the strategy of a professional, copy trading is available. Experts can find all the required tools to monitor the situation in the market, manage their portfolios, create and automate their strategies, and monetize their expertise. The platform doesn’t charge a revenue share from its participants, all you pay is a subscription fee. We are working continuously to deliver our users the best experience and the most advanced functionalities combined with top safety and transparency. The introduction of machine learning and AI-based tools and trading automation is on the way. Further developments will depend on the needs of our users and the most advanced market trends.
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The crypto market is highly volatile with asset prices changing rapidly and drastically within seconds. Additionally, traders benefit from the slightest price differences on various exchanges.

The terminal allows traders to connect their accounts on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges in a single place to manage them profitably. It also offers such valuable benefits as updated data, charts and technical indicators, signals, and other information needed to manage a trader’s portfolio efficiently. For beginners, it is a perfect entry point in the world of crypto trading.

You can connect your accounts onsuch crypto exchanges as Binance, KuCoin, Kraken, WhiteBit, HTX, and others to manage them in a single trading terminal for crypto interface. As soon as there are new crypto exchanges worth attention, we will be adding them asap.

Yes, you can use the Bidsbee terminal for both manual and automated trading.

For beginners, we also offer social and copy trading to ensure they can benefit without any previous knowledge and experience.

The platform doesn’t request you to submit nor does it store any confidential information of personal or financial character so all your data is 100% secure.

The service is non-custodial which means that at no point does Bidsbee store or in any other way control your funds.

With the free version, you access the basic functionality that allows you to manage your accounts on multiple exchanges and place orders. With the Pro version, you get access to the extended functionality.
Our customer support is available 24/7 to reply to any questions and solve any issues that may arise. And for those who want to make themselves acquainted more with the terminal, we suggest checking out our Academy.