FAQ Copy trading

Copy trading is a tool developed for those who want to trade and earn without any trading experience or knowledge. Inexperienced users can subscribe to professional traders and copy their trades.
To choose a trader to copy, check their statistics and performance on Bidsbee. The following data is important: the number of subscribers, PnL, ROI, the risk level, among others.
To become a Master trader, fill in our questionnaire to get verified. After that, you can fill in your public trader account. Initially, your account won’t be open for users. We will take some time to collect your statistics that later will be displayed to users and enable them to make informed decisions. Once there is enough data about your trading activities, your profile becomes available for followers to subscribe to.
To check the trader’s deals, pick the trader, and subscribe to them. There, you will be displayed all details on the trader’s deals.
To cancel an order in copy trading mode, move to the _Trading terminal_ tab, and click on the _Spot trading_ or _Futures trading_, depending on what order type you want to cancel. Find the _Open orders_ tab, and click on it to view all the orders that are open. There, you will be able to cancel a selected order by clicking on the _X_ button.
Yes, you can stop copy trading at any time. To do so, move to your _Copy trading_ section, pick the trader whose orders you want to stop copying, and click on the _Stop Limit_ button. You can stop copying the orders of a selected trader at any time. However, this action will stop copying new orders only while all orders that were copied earlier will be completed.
Copy trading can be used to earn money by those who don’t have trading experience or those who have no time to trade. To benefit from the copy trading functionality, register an account on Bidsbee, connect your accounts on centralized exchanges, pick a trader and subscribe to their channel. After that, all their traders will be copied into your account.
To start copying a Master trader, select one from the list of available traders and subscribe to him by clicking on the _Copy_ button under the trader’s profile. After that, you will be redirected to a payment page where you have to proceed with paying the subscription to the trader. If the trader selected by you doesn’t request a subscription payment, you can subscribe to him for free by clicking on the _Copy_ button. After that, set up the copy trading functionality.
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