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Here is how you create API keys on WhiteBit.
Kraken offers a Kraken Classic and Kraken Pro version. The process of API creation is available for Kraken Pro only. If you start creating API keys in Kraken Classic, you will be redirected to Kraken Pro.
Copy trading can be used to earn money by those who don’t have trading experience or those who have no time to trade. To benefit from the copy trading functionality, register an account on Bidsbee, connect your accounts on centralized exchanges, pick a trader and subscribe to their channel. After that, all their traders will be copied into your account.
Once you have subscribed to a trader, you can view and manage all the orders copied to your account. To view a specific order, move to the page where all the orders are displayed, and click on the order you’d like to view. To stop copying orders, click on the _Stop button_ in your _Copy Trading_ section. To cancel an active order, click on the _Cancel button_.
To become a Master trader, fill in our questionnaire to get verified. After that, you can fill in your public trader account. Initially, your account won’t be open for users. We will take some time to collect your statistics that later will be displayed to users and enable them to make informed decisions. Once there is enough data about your trading activities, your profile becomes available for followers to subscribe to.
To contact Bidsbee support, please fill in the form, and we will get back to you asap with a solution.
To start trading on Bidsbee, register an account with a valid email and a strong password. We recommend you enable a 2F authentication to add an additional security layer to your account. Connect your trading accounts on exchanges, subscribe to a Pro plan to get access to more benefits, and start earning money.
Before you can add your HTX trading account to Bidsbee, you have to create API keys on HTX. Here is how you do it.
To create API keys, follow the guide.
To start using the crypto trading terminal, click on the _Trading Terminal_ tab in the left sidebar. Further, pick whether you want to move on with Spot of Futures trading by clicking on a respective button. In Spot trading, you can either proceed with creating a new order or safety orders with HODLed coins, and quick market deals.
To create an API key on a CEX, go to your _profile_, find the _API_ tab there, click on _Generate API key_, and activate it.
To create an API key you need to log in to your personal account at KuCoin first.
To connect your account, do the following.
To subscribe to a selected Master trader and benefit from copying their trades, you need to have an account on Bidsbee and connect your trading accounts on centralized exchanges. Then, you need to pick a trader whom you want to follow and subscribe to him by clicking the _Copy_ button in the trader’s profile. Pay the subscription, set up the limits for your copy trading activities, and that’s it, the trader’s orders will be copied into your account.
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