FAQ Managing my account

If email verification gives an error, please contact our support team for assistance.
You can activate 2F authentication from your profile, the _Security settings_ tab, at any time. To do so, move to the _Security settings_ tab, download the Google Authenticator application to your mobile phone, scan your QR code with Google Authenticator, and save your security key.
In your profile, click on the _Subscriptions_ tab. There, you can see the current plan you are using and the plans available to subscribe to (_Pro trading_ or _Ultimate trading_). Click on the _Upgrade Plan_ button under the plan you want to pick, fill in the data for payment, and proceed with the payment. That’s it, your paid subscription will be activated as soon as the payment is processed.
In your account, you can add, modify, or remove exchange accounts, handle security settings, manage and cancel subscriptions, check and manage coin balances, enable public trading profile and portfolio, manage earnings and payouts, and access all the Bidsbee functionality.
To connect your trading account, move to your dashboard and click on the _Connect an account_ option. Pick the exchange where you have a trading account. In the provided fields, fill in the account name, and paste your API key and your secret key. When you have at least one account added, the button name changes to _Add account_. To connect another account, click on the button and proceed with filling in the required fields (the account name, the API key, and the secret key).
To register an account on Bidsbee, click on the _Sign up_ button in the top right corner. In the fields that appear, provide your valid email and password. We will send a letter to your email with a verification link, please click on the link to verify your email, and that’s it, your account is created.
From your account, you get access to all the Bidsbee functionality: get new subscriptions, connect your CEX accounts, manage your account and security settings, and access other functionalities.
To delete your Bidsbee account, please contact our support team. Your account will be deleted 10 days after you get in touch with us with such a request.
You can change your password in the _Security settings_ tab. However, you cannot change the email you’ve registered with on Bidsbee.
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