FAQ Crypto trading terminal

Bidsbee is an application with an extensive set of instruments created to facilitate entry into the crypto trading world for beginners and to boost the earnings of experts. The functionality of social and copy trading helps beginners to benefit by following the strategies of experienced traders. A smart trading terminal with a comprehensive set of indicators, stop loss, multilevel take-profit and trailing options, conditional orders, and trading algorithms help to maximize traders’ daily profits. Algorithmic trading allows earning profit without active participation in trading activities.
The Bidsbee trading terminal allows you to place traditional orders such as market, limit, or conditional orders with trailing, Take Profit and Stop Loss orders, along with creating safety orders for HODLed coins, and benefiting from futures trading.
Yes, the Bidsbee Trading Terminal functionality is suitable for beginners, since you can rely on the knowledge and experience of Master traders using the copy trading functionality.
Bidsbee allows you to connect an unlimited number of trading accounts on various exchanges thus increasing the earning chances. Compared to any CEX, here, you can find many more trading instruments accessible even for complete newbies.
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