What is a conditional order?

A conditional order is a market or a limit order that is placed when the price reaches a predetermined level. 

To create a conditional order, perform the following steps: 

  • In the sidebar, click on the Trading Terminal option. 
  • Click on the New Order option. 
  • Pick the exchange where you want to complete the order. If you haven’t added an account, click on the Add account option, and proceed with adding your account on the selected exchange.
  • Pick the trade pair (use the lists or the search function)

Once you check the correctness of the provided data, move to the right part of the screen and provide the following information:

  • Pick the order side: BUY or SELL
  • Choose the Conditional Order from the available orders’ selection
  • Indicate the Specified price to reach and the Due time
  • Into the Amount field, enter the amount for the order. You can also set up the percentage of your balance for the order.
  • Pick the order type: Market or Limit
  • Fill in the details for your Market or Limit order

Further, you may want to set up Take profit and/or Stop loss for the order, as well as the Trailing function. These steps are optional, you may just skip them.

To place the order, click on the Create order button in the lower right corner of the page. 

Your order will be placed.

To view all the orders you have created, click on the Trading Terminal option in the sidebar, Pick the Spot trading tab, and check your open orders by clicking on the Open orders tab.

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