What is a Market Order?

A market order executes the request to buy or sell an asset at the best available price on the exchange at the moment when the order is created. 

To create a Market order, move to the Trading Terminal tab and perform the following steps:

  • Pick New order.
  • Pick the account on the exchange where you want the order to be created.
  • Choose the coin to sell and the coin to buy.

Now, move to the right part of the screen to provide the order details. 

  • Pick the order side: BUY or SELL
  • Pick whether you want to place a Take profit or a Stop loss order.
  • Choose the Market option from the available orders’ selection (Move the toggle button to the On position to activate the options).
  • In the Amount field, provide the number of coins you want to buy (BUY order) or sell (SELL order) (you can also choose a percentage of the total available).

Further, you may want to set up Take profit and/or Stop loss for the order. These steps are optional, and you can skip them. Also, you can activate the Trailing option, which is also optional.

  • To place the order, click on the Create order button. 

Your order will be placed, and you will receive a notification that the order is created successfully.

To view all the orders you have created, click on the Trading terminal option in the sidebar, move to Spot trading or Futures trading (depending on the order type you want to check), and check the Open orders tab, where all your open orders are displayed. 

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