Do you have no experience in crypto trading but want to try getting a profit? Copy trading is your solution!

What is
What is copy trading
Cryptocurrency copy trading is a tool that can be very useful for traders with little or no experience or those who want to grow their revenues without trading actively. To start with it, a user selects a trader to follow and purchases a paid subscription to the trader. After setting up the Bidsbee account such as the maximum deposit, etc., the Bidsbee cryptocurrency copy trading system will start copying the orders of the selected trader automatically.
Why choose Bidsbee crypto copy trading platform?
When selecting Bidsbee, users can count on multiple benefits.
Reduced risk
The service offers non-custodial services which means that it doesn’t request traders to deposit their funds anywhere nor does it store users’ funds. To register an account, one doesn’t have to pass KYC or provide any confidential information. 
No need for trading knowledge
Our crypto copy trading platform is a perfect entry point to the crypto trading world for beginners. To benefit from this option, one doesn’t need to have specific knowledge or experience. All one needs to do is pick the right professional and subscribe to them.
Saves time
With Bidsbee, users don’t need to waste their valuable time on constant market monitoring. All that is needed is to register an account, connect accounts on exchanges, pick the best trader, and subscribe to them. After that, all orders of the selected trader will be followed automatically.
Access to professional trading strategies
No need to spend time and effort on developing their own trading strategies. Instead, they can copy those of expert traders and benefit from their expertise and knowledge.
Transparent performance tracking
All data is displayed in a single dashboard in a trader’s account. Receive fully transparent trade records directly to your account, analyze deals and statistics on them, and enjoy all the benefits of following experts while not giving up control over your funds.
Diversified portfolio
Pick professionals with different assets to diversify your trades and benefit from any trends and price fluctuations. Customize your portfolio and adjust your risks for each specific case.
Benefits of copy trading over manual trading
Manual trading or copy trading? Compare them and choose the right option for you.
Max drawdown dateStarted
Time-saving❗️ Requires significant time and effort✅ Trading decisions are made for you
Expertise❗️ Limited to your own knowledge✅ Leverage the knowledge of experts
Stress level❗️ Requires constant attention✅ No need to monitor trades constantly
Risk level❗️ Higher risk of making mistakes✅ Follow experienced traders
Diversity❗️ Limited to your own trading strategy✅ Access to a range of trading styles
Community❗️Often a solitary pursuit✅ Connect with like-minded traders
Profit potential❗️Limited by your own knowledge and skill✅ Potential for higher returns
Learning opportunity❗️Opportunity to develop your own trading strategy✅ Learning from successful traders
❗ Note: The table is provided for informational purposes only, it does not constitute trading or financial advice. Before allocating your funds or subscribing to any trader, please conduct your own research and adjust the risks based on your risk tolerance level.

Get started with crypto copy trading today

Start crypto copy trading within a couple of clicks.

step 1

Register with your valid email

Sign up with your email address, create a strong password, and confirm your email


step 2

Connect your accounts on CEX

Use API keys to connect your exchange accounts to the terminal. You can connect to the service as many accounts as you want.


step 3

Pick a trader you want to follow

Check the public profiles of available traders and pick one or several of them to follow and earn by copying their strategies


step 4

Create a Public Profile if you are a pro

If you are a professional trader, create a Public Profile and start monetizing your followers by allowing them to copy your trades


To start trading and minimize the risks of copy trading, follow these steps.


Pick the right expert. To do so, check the traders’ statistical data on returns, their approaches, and the assets they trade, and ensure they correspond with your purposes.


Always set up the maximum limit for the money you want to trade. All orders will be placed proportionally, and this limitation will ensure that your coins are traded in the same proportion as the funds of the selected trader.


Adjust your risk appetite. Use only the money that you can afford to lose. Make sure that even in the case the money is lost, it won’t impact your daily life level.


Diversify your portfolio by picking experts with different strategies and assets to follow. With it, you will ensure your portfolio performance in any market conditions.


Always perform your own research: check the traders before picking one for subscribing and make sure their strategies are suitable for you. It will help you to reach the maximum profit from copy and paste crypto trading.

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Trading crypto is a risky activity, and even the most experienced traders make mistakes and lose money. That’s why Bidsbee introduced the option of copy trading - to enable those who don’t have enough experience and knowledge about the crypto market to leverage the expertise of top traders.

The service doesn’t require any financial or personal information nor does it keep users’ coins. It only needs deal-making access to perform social trading operations, and all orders can be managed from a single dashboard.

Users pick the preferred specialists on their own, based on their performance, profile, and portfolio, and can unsubscribe from a selected expert at any time.

Any trading activity is associated with risks. If the strategy of the selected expert is not successful, the investor can lose a part of money, and those following them will do the same. If the asset price doesn’t move as it was expected, traders also face losses.

However, this functionality reduces many risks for beginners and allows them to avoid major losses.

The amounts you can earn depend on many factors including the selected trading type, and the amount assigned for these purposes.

Trading crypto, like any other asset, requires deep knowledge and market understanding, and thus, only professionals can be efficient. This functionality lowers the entry barrier significantly by offering an effective way to earn by following experts.

Bidsbee has a page where all the available experts are listed. All those who wish to earn by using this functionality can browse the experts’ profiles, check the statistics on their profitability, and subscribe to the the experts who seem to be the right ones.
Users don’t have to pay any management fees or a revenue share when they use the Bidsbee copy trading for cryptocurrency functionality. The only fee to be paid is the subscription fee to the chosen trader.

While Bidsbee doesn’t set the minimum amounts for cryptocurrency copy trading, exchanges do so for orders.

If the minimum amount is less than the one permitted by the exchange, the order will be marked as erroneous, and won’t be executed. That’s why we recommend carefully checking the limits on the exchange where you trade to avoid any issues.