How to connect your account on a centralized exchange to Bidsbee

Open your dashboard. There, you can click on the Add API Key button.

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Choose the exchange where you have a trading account; here, we pick Binance.


Copy your API key. You need to create it on the exchange website in your profile. If you don’t know how to do it, please check the guides for:


After that, copy your secret key (here, you can check how to find it). 

how-to-connect-your-account-on-centralized-exchange-to-bidsbee .png

Give the name for your account on Bidsbee, you can pick any name you want. Finally, click on the Add Account button, and your account on Binance (or any other exchange you are adding) is added to Bidsbee!


You can add as many trading accounts on as many exchanges as you need.

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