How to create an API key on KuCoin?

Once in, you will see an API Management button that you need to click on. 


Then, you get to the page where you need to click the Create API button


You are now on the page of API key creation. Here, provide the following data:

  • In the API Name field, enter the name of your API key.
  • In the API Passphrase field, provide the passphrase for your API key.


Further, you need to copy-paste the trusted IPs. You can find them in your personal cabinet on our website in the Accounts section. 

Click on the Add key button on the Bidsbee platform. 


Select Kucoin.


Click on the IP addresses to copy and paste them into the API key creation page on the Kucoin website.  

That’s it, you have successfully added trusted IP addresses to your key. 


Now, you need to unlock API restrictions. In our case, we will unlock Spot and Future Trading. 

We do not recommend you to unlock the Transfer function to avoid losing your assets. 


After that, click Next. You will be taken to the page of key creation confirmation. There are two confirmation options available. You need to enter all the requested data and click Confirm.


API key has been successfully created. You need to save your key number and secret number. You will need this information to add your key to our platform. 

Go back to our platform and put in all the necessary data. After that, click the Add Key button. 

Your key has been successfully added. 


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