How to create an API key on HTX?

Attention: Once your API keys are created, they will be displayed ONCE ONLY. Make sure you copy your private API key and public API key and save them in a safe place. Do not share your API keys with anybody.

Login to your HTX account or register a new account on

Hover the mouse over the profile icon, and click on the API Management.

HTX API 1.png

If you create several APIs, invent a name for each of them to differentiate them.

HTX API 2.png

Enable the Trade permission.

HTX API 3.png

Enter the IP addresses whitelist and add the trusted Bidsbee IPs. These trusted IP addresses are displayed in your Bidsbee dashboard. You can find them when you start connecting the Binance account to Bidsbee by clicking on the Add API Key button. 

HTX API 5.png

Copy paste these IPs in the respective field, separate them by commas and no spaces.

HTX API 4.png

Read the risk warning and confirm you have read and understood it, click on the I understand button.

HTX API 6.png

Pass security authentication (enter the email verification code and a GA code), and click on the Confirm button.

HTX API 7.png

Now, you can see your API key and secret key. 

Note please that these keys are displayed once only for security reasons. Save them in a safe place and don’t share them with anybody.

Now, your API keys are generated, and you can add them to Bidsbee!

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