How to create API keys on Kraken?

Attention: Once your API keys are created, they will be displayed ONCE ONLY. Make sure you copy your private API key and public API key and save them in a safe place. Do not share your API keys with anybody.

Here is how you create API keys on Kraken.

Login to your account and open the account menu.

Kraken API_1.png

Click on the Settings option, and then, click on the API tab. In the window that opens, click on Create API key. Give your API key a name, it can be anything that helps you to identify this API key. 

Kraken API_2.png

Activate all the permissions as they are shown on the screen. Make sure that the permission to withdraw funds remains inactive, otherwise, you won’t add the key to your Bidsbee account.

Kraken API_3.png

Activate the IP address restriction option and add the trusted IP addresses provided by Bidsbee. 

Kraken API_4.png

These trusted IP addresses are displayed in your Bidsbee dashboard. You can find them when you start connecting the Kraken account to Bidsbee by clicking on the Add API Key button. IP addresses shall be separated one from the other with a comma without spaces.

Kraken API_5.png

Kraken API_6.png

After the IPs are added, click on the Generate key button. 


You will be displayed two keys: API key and Private key. 

Attention: Note please that these keys are displayed once only for security reasons. Save them in a safe place and don’t share them with anybody.

Now, your API keys are created and are ready for you to add them to Bidsbee!

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