How to create API keys on CEX?

Attention: Once your API keys are created, they will be displayed ONCE ONLY. Make sure you copy your private API key and public API key and save them in a safe place. Do not share your API keys with anybody.

To create API keys, follow the guide.

Log into your account on a CEX. In our example, we will be using Binance. 

Open your profile, and click on the API Management option.


Click on Create API.


Pick the System-generated option, and click on the Next button to proceed.


Give a name to your API key, and click on the Next button to proceed.


Pass the requested security verification steps by completing a puzzle and providing codes from your 2FA devices.


Now, your API keys will be created and displayed.


The secret key is displayed once only, so make sure you copy it or write it down and keep it in a safe place.

Restrict your API keys to trusted IPs only. To do so, click on the Edit restrictions button in the upper right corner. 

Also, make sure you restrict access to trusted IPs only by ticking the Restrict access to trusted IPs only option.


These trusted IP addresses are displayed in your Bidsbee dashboard. You can find them by clicking on the Connect an account button. 


Click on the IP addresses to copy and paste them into the centralized exchange where you have generated your API keys. Now, these IP addresses are displayed as trusted. 


Enable API restrictions. In our case, we enable Futures trading and Spot/Margin trading

NOTE: for the Futures trading option to be enabled, you need to pass a test to activate Futures trading for your Binance account! If you haven’t passed a test on Binance, Futures trading will remain inactive. 


Do NOT enable Withdrawals if you want to protect your funds!!!

Save the changes.

Complete the security verification step.


Now, your API keys are created and are ready for you to add them to Bidsbee!



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