How to subscribe to a Master trader?

Copy trading is a functionality that enables beginners to get a profit by following the strategies of experienced traders. 

To access this functionality and the advanced statistical data for a trader selected by you, you will be required to purchase a paid subscription to the trader. 

If you prefer to test the Copy Trading functionality before paying for it, please feel free to join the free channel managed by professionals from the Bidsbee team. 

How to subscribe to a selected trader: a step-by-step guide

To subscribe to a trader, pick one first. You can check how to choose the right trader here. 

Further, perform the following steps:

  • From your dashboard or the menu in the left part of the screen, move to the Copy trading tab. You will be shown all the traders available for copying.
  • Pick the trader you’ve selected, and click on the Copy button. 
  • A window will appear where you have to provide payment data to pay the subscription to the trader you’ve picked. Do so, and your subscription to the trader will be activated. 

Important: Set the limit for copying each trader. Even though this option is not mandatory, it will protect your funds if copied trades aren’t successful.

To do so, follow these steps.

  • Click on the card of the trader whom you are copying. 
  • Pick whether you set limits for Spot copy trading or Futures copy trading.
  • Connect your account on the exchange by providing your API key in a respective field.
  • Assign a specific sum for copy trading.
  • Indicate the limit by reaching which copying orders will be stopped.
  • Activate the Set limits for order option by moving the toggle button in the On position (optional).
  • Indicate the Minimum order and the Maximum order amounts. 
  • Save the settings by clicking on the Set Limit button.

Now, only the assigned deposit sum will be used for copy trading, and orders with a sum lower than the minimum amount or higher than the maximum amount won’t be copied.

Important: To subscribe to a trader, you need to have an active subscription to the Bidsbee service. If your Bidsbee subscription ends before your subscription to a selected trader, the automatic copying of all new orders will be suspended. However, all pending orders will be completed. 

As soon as you renew your Bidsbee subscription, the copying of new orders will restart.

That’s why if you wish to maintain all Copy Trading operations uninterrupted, please make sure your subscription to the trader and Bidsbee subscription are active. 

These two subscriptions are your only expenses. Bidsbee doesn’t charge a commission on completed orders, nor does it have any hidden fees.

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