How to change my account settings?

Your Bidsbee account is your access point to all the benefits the service offers. From your account, you can perform plenty of actions to increase the efficiency of your trading activities and boost your income.


From your user profile, you can manage the following.

  • You can view the current subscription plan and upgrade it.
  • You can pick the notifications you want to receive and the channel through which you want to be notified (Telegram).

In the Accounts tab, you can view, add, and remove accounts for copy trading.

In the Subscriptions tab, you can view your current plan, upgrade to a selected plan, view the traders you are following, and check the orders.

In the Security settings tab, you can change your password and enable 2FA to increase the security level of your account.


From your dashboard, you can:

  • Add, modify, view, and remove accounts on exchanges.
  • Check your trading statistics and orders.
  • Create new orders.
  • View traders available for copy trading.
  • Check the top traded coins for each trading account with all the data on them, such as your balance and the coin value in BTC and USD. 
  • Set alerts to track asset prices.

Trading Terminal

From the trading terminal, you can access all the orders functionality: 

  • Create market, limit, and conditional orders with trailing, take profit, and stop loss. 
  • Benefit from creating safety orders for HODLed coins and quick market deals.
  • Earn on futures trading.
  • View and edit open orders.
  • View trading history.

Copy Trading

The copy trading functionality allows you to benefit from the expertise and knowledge of experienced traders. From there, you can:

  • View traders’ profiles available for copying and subscribe to them. 
  • Manage your copy trading transactions.

Experienced traders can monetize their followers by creating public profiles and allowing other users to subscribe to them.


From the Alerts tab, you can set alerts for a selected exchange, modify their settings, and delete alerts. 

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