Is Bidsbee Trading Terminal functionality good for beginners?

How to use the Bidsbee Trading terminal

To start using the Bidsbee crypto trading terminal, click on the Trading terminal in the sidebar. From there, you will be able to:

  • Create market, limit, or conditional orders with trailing, take profit, and stop loss orders.
  • Create safety orders for HODLed coins and quick market deals.
  • Access Futures trading.

There, you can check your open orders, manage them, and view your trading history.

How to create a new order

To create a new order, click on the New Order option, and perform the following steps:

  • Pick the account on the exchange where you are going to create the order.
  • Select the coin pair (the coin to sell and the coin to buy). 
  • Indicate whether you want to place a Buy order or a Sell order.
  • Indicate whether you want to place a market, limit, or conditional order.
  • Set up take profit or stop loss for the order. 
  • Indicate the number of coins you want to buy or sell.
  • Set up a trailing function (optional).
  • Click on the Create Order button.

That’s it, your order is placed. 

To create a safety order for HODLed coins, click on the TP/SL orders tab, and perform the same steps as provided above. 

How to manage existing orders and view your trading history

In the Trading Terminal tab, click on Spot trading. Under the graph, you will see the Open orders, Order history, and Trade history tabs. From the Open orders tab, you can check details of open orders and manage the orders, and the other two tabs allow you to view your trading activities.

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