How to become a Master trader on Bidsbee?

If you are an expert trader, you may be wondering how you can monetize your expertise on Bidsbee. 

The first step is to register on Bidsbee, reply to all the questions from our questionnaire, and fill up your public trader profile. After that, wait till we check all the information and verify your account.

Important details:

  • You need to trade through Copy trading, since only orders created in the Copy trading menu will be displayed in your trading statistics. 
  • You need to be aware that your followers can either trade through the Terminal or follow you (or any other chosen trader in copy trading) and copy the trades. Two actions can’t be done simultaneously.


Is the Bidsbee platform safe? 

We are following Binance and auditors’ recommendations, and we only need the permission to trade with your API key for spot and futures trading. We can’t make any manipulations with your funds, only trading. The requests will be sent from our IP addresses. Your API key is stored on Amazon servers, and the process of their storage is audited by top crypto audit company Hacken.

What benefit will I get trading with Bidsbee?

You can set any subscription fee you want for users to copy your trades: you get 85% from each subscription, Bidsbee takes 15% as a fee. Bidsbee engages and onboards new users who will follow your Master trader’s account.

When and how can I withdraw the money I’ve earned from subscriptions? 

You will need to send the payment request to your Master trader account. Please note that it can be approved only if you traded for 1 month. 

How to Fill in the Master Trader Profile 

Click on the Profile button in the upper right corner and then on Become a Master trader:

How to become a Master trader 1.jpg

Click Add now to add your API key:

How to become a Master trader 2.jpg

Choose the exchange and add the API key:

How to become a Master trader 3.jpg
How to become a Master trader 4.jpg

After adding the API key, get back to Become a Master trader button:

How to become a Master trader 6.jpg

After that, click Details to fill in the data about yourself as a Master trader:

How to become a Master trader 7.jpg

Click Next and write the price for the subscription you’d like to set for the user to pay monthly to copy your trades:

How to become a Master trader 8.jpg

Choose the API key for trading and click Add. Click Verify to submit your profile:

How to become a Master trader 9.jpg

Click Yes.

How to become a Master trader 10.jpg

The next step is to wait for the Bidsbee admin to verify your account.

After the verification, you will see new buttons in the Copy trading menu. 

Beware that your statistics will be displayed only if you start trading in Copy trading (this option will appear once you’re approved by Bidsbee admin).

You’ll need to trade using Copy trading functionality for your followers to be able to copy your trades.

How to become a Master trader 11.jpg
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